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Nasty Pig is a trailblazing gay-owned brand known for its love of bold and edgy designs. Nasty Pig believes in being daring and telling it like it is so that you can proudly show off what makes you different—whether it's your sexuality or your choice in underwear.

Nasty Pig’s underwear collection ranges from briefs and boxers to thongs and jockstraps – all in colors that will make you feel like the hottest guy on the block. And if you're looking for something more risque than boxers but not quite as revealing as a jockstrap, their sexy men's underwear have got you covered.

The company believes that being gay is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. That's why they put out products that are sexy, fun, and—most importantly—not demeaning or derogatory toward the gay community. Their designs feature bright colors, wild patterns, and animal prints—all things you'd expect from a brand named Nasty Pig!