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Our RAVE BULLDOG HARNESS combines the hot, hard, old-school harness shape with cutting-edge, new-school lighting options. It’s a touch of b*tch for when you’re bein’ butch, which will make all the dogs go woof.

As part of our RAVE LINE, the RAVE BULLDOG HARNESS features a brand new LED IOD lighting system - that’s the technical term for “dim the lights and get the party started."

RAVE products light up in 9 color modes - red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, white, teal, and orange - in a soft pulsing pattern that mimics the movement of breathing. In addition, the line comes with three animation modes - scrolling, rainbow, and color-shift. This new technology has a longer-lasting battery that’ll keep you lighting up the night for up to eight to ten hours. Last but not least, the RAVE LINE is embedded in a white ribbon setting, which means it can pair with any piece of BREEDWELL gear.


Small/Medium (fits a 35"- 42" chest)

Large/XL (fits a 42"- 49" chest)

2XL/3XL (fits a 48"- 56" chest)


The harness's battery contains an "on" and "off" switch on the side of the battery. This can be toggled to "on" or "off" position to power up or power down the harness. Once turned into "on" position, the light can be activated by holding the down the button at the center of the battery for 3 seconds. It can easily be seen because the button is raised underneath the Breedwell logo. Once the light is turned on, the button can be pressed to cycle through the different lighting modes. The harness can also be turned off by holding the button down for 3 seconds or by turning the toggle switch at side to "off" position.

The charging port is located at the side of the battery. The port has a cover that slides over to protect it from moisture. Simply slide the protector to the side and plug in the USB charging cable (included) into the battery. Next, plug in the cord into any USB charging port to begin recharging your harness. The battery should take 2 hours to fully charge and an indicator light next to the charging port will turn from red to green to show that charging has been completed. Please do not overcharge your battery as it weakens the it over time, if left on the charger past a full charge.


The Rave line uses white ribbon, which will dull and yellow over time with use. To keep the ribbon as clean and bright as possible, it is recommended that you apply color-safe fabric detergent with a wet wash cloth to the harness after using or before putting away for a extended time. PLEASE NOTE: Only wash harness straps with a wet wash cloth with detergent (not the battery). We also recommend squeezing out most of the liquid from the wash cloth after soaking it and before applying it to the harness. The harness should NEVER be submerged fully in water or soaked through, as this may damage the battery/lights. Gently apply the detergent to the harness strap in an up/down motion to remove sweat stains/discoloration and odor. Do this for both sides of straps until the harness has been thoroughly cleaned to your liking. After wiping down your harness with a wet wash cloth, we recommend pat drying any excess moisture and laying the harness out to air dry before storing it away. You can also use air freshener to keep any odors away from the harness.